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National Association of the Municipalities in Republic of Bulgaria

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The NAMRB internship program is part of the Partnership Program with the Universities. The program aims by lectures and seminars to inform and attract young people to the public sphere activities, providing opportunities for successful participation of the enrolled interns and explore employment opportunities for them after the Program and subsequent career development. 

The program increases and upgrades the students' knowledge on local self-government, builds new skills and experience in a real working environment, as well as supports the team activities, performing technical, administrative and expert tasks of the interns.

The student internships under the framework of the NAMRB Internship Program is not paid.



The internships are opened for students:

  • Second semester of 3rd and/or 4th year bachelors;
  • Masters;
  • Postgraduates;
  • foreign students studying at universities in Bulgaria;
  • Bulgarian students studying at foreign universities.

The NAMRB internship program is held each year into two campaigns:


  • Duration: February-April
  • Location: host municipality or in the NAMRB office
  • Application Deadline: from 11 December to 11 January, by submitting an application from the relevant University department to the NAMRB for one or a group of students in the Internship Program participation


  • Duration: June-August
  • Location: host municipality or in the structures of NAMRB
  • Application deadline: from 11 April to 11 May, by individual application of students
  • Notification of successful candidates: after discussion in the Selection Committee.



  • INTERNSHIP IN THE MUNICIPALITY is completed upon a municipality’s request and through the NAMRB mediation.  In order to increase the interest of young and ambitious people towards the local government and local administration challenges, the Association, together with the municipalities, provides to the students from different specialties opportunity to be aware of the daily work of municipal employees, to meet citizens and to hear their voice and questions, to participate in case resolution and etc.

Upon prior request from the municipality for the size of the trainees’ group and field of activity, NAMRB undertakes to provide the respective practical training in a real working environment within three months or nessasary period determined by the host municipality. In addition to acquiring additional knowledge and skills, students will provide technical, logistical and expert support to employees in the respective departments of the municipality.

  • INTERNSHIP IN THE NAMRB ADMINISTRATION is one of the most preferred internships for the NAMRB's activities are broad and students have the opportunity to participate in different topics and meetings formats, events and committees, respectively they can perform various tasks that allow them to gain insight into the scope of local government, and also for the close cooperation between municipalities, NAMRB and main departments.
  • "NAMRB - ACTIVE" EOOD is the NAMRB owned company established in 2005. The company provides competent, timely and useful services that contribute to improving the quality of local government in Bulgaria.  In our company, interns can gain experience in a specific business environment with services aimed entirely at municipal administrations and experts in all areas of local government.

The internship in the administration of NAMRB and NAMRB – Active EOOD is held in our building at 23, Golash Str, in Sofia. Up to 5 trainees can participate in one campaign, working according to a pre-approved schedule. The interns working in the NAMRB office keep contacts and work with all team members, not only with the mentor and coordinator of the Internship Program. If necessary, they technically support the work of a colleague from the same or another department, depending on the task performing.

  • HOTEL "GERGINI" *** is owned by NAMRB property and is located in the village of Gergini, Gabrovo Municipality. The internship at the hotel takes place only during the May-September and provides interns with the opportunity to be part of the whole process of organizing and conducting events, accommodation and meals of hotel guests, as well as expects intensive involvement in the workflow, suggestions and ideas to improve the efficiency of the services provided, etc.

The number of trainees is determined by the workload of the center and the hotel and given the interest of universities and students.  When conducting student practices in an active event season, it is possible to accept a larger group of students, accompanied by a teacher. Specific conditions are agreed for an internship at Gergini Hotel.

  • INTERNSHIP UNDER A SPECIAL PROJECT OF THE MUNICIPALITY – a signed MoU and partnership with a number of leading Bulgarian universities gives the opportunity to develop specific student projects on the assignment of the municipality.

A good practice is the work of students from the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy on the assignment provided by the municipality of Dryanovo. Further information can be found at https://www.namrb.org/bg/aktualno/parva-praktitcheska-misiya-na-stazhantskata-programa-na-nsorb

Focusing on this opportunity, it is necessary for the applicant-municipality to send a detailed description of the design task, its requirements and capabilities. NAMRB supports and assists municipalities and universities in the preparation of joint initiatives and developments.

  • ONLINE INTERNSHIP "WITH US AT HOME" – this student’s internship does not require physical presence. It was the preferred form of internship by students during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as in the performance of tasks, which required the processing of large databases. The online internship provides the opportunity to work on multiple tasks with different topics and complexity in the home environment.  A calm and focused implementation of the tasks set. Trainee mentors are available to provide online consultation.


Additional information, questions and suggestions can be obtained by phone: +3592/943 44 67/8 or addressed to e-mail address: e.nemska@namrb.org;  namrb@namrb.org also on the NAMRB website https://www.namrb.org/bg/deynost/stazhantska-programa-na-nsorb

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