The General Assembly elected the new governing bodies of NAMRB



The General Assembly of NAMRB took place in Sofia on 25-26 February. That was the first meeting of the General Assembly after the local elections in autumn 2019. It was preceded by six regional assemblies that nominated the candidates for the governing bodies of NAMRB - the Management and Supervisory Boards. After a secret ballot the members of the Assembly determined the composition of the new governing bodies of NAMRB and their chairs - Mayor of Veliko Tarnovo, Daniel Panov was re-elected as Chair of the Management Board for a second term in office. The Supervisory Board will be headed by the Mayor of Razgrad, Dencho Boyadzhiev.

Photo: Daniel Panov, Mayor of Veliko Tarnovo

“I will continue the efforts to maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect that allows us to work together. Each one of us, no matter a mayor of municipality with 2000 or 200 000 inhabitants, will always remain 1 of the 265 municipalities in Bulgaria. Through NAMRB we have a unique opportunity to express the reasons and concerns of all Bulgarian local authorities" said Daniel Panov after his election.



Photo: Dencho Boyadzhiev, Mayor of Razgrad

“I have been involved in the local government since the early years of democratic change in Bulgaria. I have worked for 4 terms as a municipal councilor. With one pause, this is my fourth term as mayor of Razgrad. As chairman of the Supervisory Board, I have no doubts that whatever is required by the entire Supervisory Board, we will deliver it and would be a good corrective in the work of our colleagues. We will work and prove our capabilities”, said Dencho Boyadzhiev.

At its first meeting, the new Governing Board elected all three deputy chairmen: Mayor of Troyan Municipality, Donka Mihaylova, Ivo Dimov - Mayor of Dimitrovgrad Municipality and Hasan Azis - Mayor of Kardzhali Municipality.

Special guests of the General Assembly were the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Environment and Water Ivelina Vassileva and the Minister of Environment and Water Emil Dimitrov. “We want to work in very close cooperation”, Minister Emil Dimitrov told mayors and mayors of municipal councils.

He stated his willingness to discuss important issues with municipalities and NAMRB and expressed his support for local authorities in finding the best solutions. The minister urged municipalities not to fall under pressure from consultants on European projects to make landfill reclamation more expensive. "Anyone who thinks they will receive above the announced price of BGN 55 per square meter for landfill reclamation, should know that they will not receive them," the minister warned.

"I want you to clean up the landfills, install separation and compost systems”. The aim is not to fill these landfills for a much shorter period than planned" the minister continued. He stated that funds were provided for this by the OP Environment and the Enterprise for Management of Environmental Protection Activities. The minister called on municipalities to be proactive because deadlines are "tight".

He assured the mayors that he did not intend to save money on projects or to sanction and called them to produce quality RDF to be burned at the facilities that cover the requirements for that. Minister Dimitrov reaffirmed his predecessor's commitment to rescheduling the increase of municipal landfill allocations and to gradually increase them 3 times in the coming years to a maximum.

Ivelina Vassileva announced that on 11 March a joint meeting of two parliamentary committees - on environment and water and on regional development - will be held to discuss the progress of water and sewerage projects financed under the OP "Environment". Both line ministries, 15 water utilities to prepare the projects and the NAMRB were invited to the meeting.