The 10th Meeting of twin cities from Russian Federation and Bulgaria




 Participants in the 10th Anniversary meeting of twinned Russian-Bulgarian cities

Photo: Participants in the 10th Anniversary meeting of twinned Russian-Bulgarian cities.

At the end of October in the city of Naro-Fominsk, the Moscow region of the Russian Federation was held the 10th anniversary meeting of twin cities from Bulgaria and Russia.

The meeting is organized by NAMRB and the International Association of Twinning Cities from 1998 in every two years, with rotating host. Its aim is to develop and build friendly relations and contacts between Bulgarian and Russian cities, as well as to exchange good practices and ideas on issues of local self-government.

In the forum NAMRB participated with delegation of 23 representatives, including Chairs of Municipal Councils, Municipal Councilors, Mayors, Deputy Mayors and municipal experts. The forum was held under the motto "Results of the multi-annual cooperation of the local authorities from Russia and Bulgaria, opportunities for future development of the twinned-city relations’". Good practices were exchanged on three themes: innovation and investment in municipal and urban policies in cities; youth policy and education and culture, health and tourism.

The Head of the Bulgarian Delegation, Ivailo Simeonov, the NAMRB Board of Directors’ member and mayor of Elin Pelin, said in his speech at the opening of the meeting.  “The friendship between the Bulgarian and Russian cities continued to develop and as a result of our cooperation over the past 20 years, there are more than 90 twinned towns, and the trend for increasing their number appeared.”

The Bulgarian delegation organized for its Russian counterparts a stand representing municipalities and NAMRB.

Photo: BG stand 

Photo: BG stand.

During the stay in Naro-Fominsk, the Bulgarian delegation visited modern medical center for maternity care, as well as kindergarten and elementary school.