Sofia: Municipality expands online electronically provided administrative services




Over 70 administrative services will be accessible entirely online electronically in four metropolitan regions-"Serdika", "Triaditsa", "Nadezhda" and "Bankya". In the autumn, citizens will be able to use these services online in other 20 capital regions of the city, said Sofia municipality. The new way of using administrative services, which does not require citizens to go fiscally over the counter, to file and wait for different types of documents, is part of the overall Digital Transformation Strategy of Sofia. The document is to be voted by the Sofia Municipal Council.

New services, which will be accessible online, are: document of multilingual extract of civil status registration; certificate of legal constraint; reflecting the choice or modification of matrimonial property regimes; recognition of a child; completion and verification of documents to a request for establishment of Bulgarian citizenship; a certificate of declared data; certificates for guardianship and custody, incorporated under art. 155 by the Family Code and by law-under art. 173 from SK; identification of housing needs-filing and issuance of certificate; permits for placing movable objects; authorization for placing of advertising information elements; a certificate for facts and circumstances on territorial and urban device; allowing elaboration of projects to amend detailed spatial plans; a certificate and a schemes concerning properties recoverable, located within the urbanized territories; a certificate concerning the ownership of real estate property; a certificate for the presence or absence of a constituent act of municipal property; registration of associations of owners in the municipal register.

Since 2021, a centralized system for ranking and school first-grade enrolment is expected to be introduced. It provides for parents to be able to get acquainted with the schools, admission criteria, to submit documents and to enroll their child entirely online.