Ruse and Shumen municipalities monitor the air quality




Two air control stations are already located on the territory of Ruse municipality, and in the near future two additional stationary monitoring facilities will be placed. This was announced by the municipal administration of the Danube city. Automatic measuring station "Vazrajdane" located in the central part of town displays data in real time on the municipality website and on the two information boards at Svoboda Square and Kotovsk Street ( The station meets the criteria and is part of the National system for air quality control. It measures levels of ozone, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, benzene, fine dust particles and other. A mobile station is currently located at Bulgaria Boulevard in Ruse. The municipality reported that the mayor of the city Pencho Milkov had a recent meeting with the Minister of Environment and Water for the replacement of the mobile station with a new one that provides data in a real time and can be integrated to the information system for monitoring the air quality in Ruse. Bulgarian municipalities are working together under LIFE Program to implement integrated projects for air quality improvement. The new monitoring stations will complement the database of existing ones that are part of the National environmental monitoring system, as well as the system of mobile stations.

Shumen citizens now may receive up-to-date information about the air quality in the city. This was made possible through the online system of the Environment Executive Agency. The platform is available on the municipal website (

Through it, in real time, people can check the air quality in the city, including the average values of fine dust particles for the last hour, day or year, depicted in graphical form. The system shows the levels of ozone, nitrogen and sulphur dioxide in the air, temperature and wind direction, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure and solar radiation. Measurements are performed through the automatic station, located in the yard of Sofia University branch "Joan Ekzarh Bulgarski". In the last month, data shows that there was no increase of the average 24-hour norm of 50 micrograms of fine dust particles in the air on Shumen’s territory.