NAMRB sent a letter to the Prime Minister on the electricity and natural gas high prices and problems that municipalities faced





NAMRB informed the Prime Minister about the concern of all municipalities related to the high prices of electricity and natural gas in late months. The letter draws attention to the fact that the situation with energy prices has a catastrophic impact on the basic public services provided by local authorities.

Municipalities, as a non-household consumer, pursuant to item 33a of §1 of the Additional Provisions of the Energy Act, have concluded contracts for the supply of electricity at prices formed at the free market since July 2021. The moratorium on the price of electricity, water supply and water services and heat on the regulated market imposed by the National Assembly does not apply to non-household customers, such as municipalities. The increased cost of energy affects at most the cost of street lighting in all municipalities and electric transport in bigger cities. It also affect the maintenance of schools, kindergartens and nurseries, social homes, municipal hospitals, etc.

The crisis puts local authorities in a deadlock. There is growing possibility that Bulgarian towns and villages will be left without street lightning, public transport will stop and the heat supply in municipal social, health and educational institutions will be suspended.

With regard to the complex situation, the NAMRB asked the Prime Minister for an urgent joint meeting to discuss adequate working solutions to ensure the continuity of the basic public services provided by municipalities.