NAMRB proposal to cope with the problematic condition of municipal roads and street network





NSORB sent a letter to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Regional Development and Public Works with proposals and information on the state of municipal roads and the street network in the settlements as part of the country's overall transport system.

Municipalities are owners of about 19,500 km of roads (fourth-class road network) and over 57,000 km of street network, as well as the adjacent underground and above-ground infrastructure (sidewalks, subways, overpasses, water service, street lighting, etc.) in cities and villages.

NAMRB drew attention to some of the results of the own analysis on the current operational state of municipal roads and facilities, based on the information received from 260 municipalities in 2020.

According to the data obtained:

  • About 1200 municipal roads are in poor condition, about 900 are unsatisfactory and only 200 are in excellent condition;
  • About 60% of municipal roads or parts of them need repair or reconstruction. This means that more than half or a significant area of the pavement on these roads is damaged, with formed cracks and deformations;
  • The total length needing repair/reconstruction is 11 250 km

The necessary funds to restore the normal operating state of the municipal roads, based on an initial estimate is nearly 5 billion BGN. In addition, according to the data presented by the municipalities, over 380 facilities (including bridges, road overpasses and underpasses) are in poor condition, some of them need urgent repair and only 86 are in excellent condition. However, due to the complexity of the facilities, no specific value could be determined for their repair or reconstruction.

As a result of the data presented above, NAMRB Management Board proposes to the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works and the Ministry of Finance to organize a discussion on finding a durable revenue source for maintaining the municipal road network, which should be predictive and allowing each municipality to make and implement its program for the renovation of road infrastructure. The establishment of a National Program "Municipal Roads financed by the state budget and administered by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works can be one of the solutions. The criteria for access to the funds as well as their allocation by planning area should be developed jointly with NAMRB.