NAMRB National meetings supporting municipal experts



NAMRB jointly with its trade company NAMRB-Activ organized two important national forums for municipal experts in April and May

From 17 to 19 April in the capital city of Sofia was held the 8th  National meeting of chief architects and experts in spatial planning from municipalities.  More  than 100 were the participants. The representatives of the legislative and executive authorities also joined the event, as well as officials from the State Commission for energy and water regulation, interbranch organisations of architects and consultants, judges from the Supreme Administrative Court.

The Chief Architect of Sofia presented the experience of the capital city in improving legislation concerning the structure and planning of the territory of the municipality, as well as good examples of architectural contests. He presented to his colleagues on the spot two of the sites of the capital city – historical and archaeological reserve "Serdica-Sredets" and the construction of the new subway station.

Discussion was held on amendments in the Spatial Planning Act (SPA) and the reduction of administrative burdens.

The NAMRB Executive Director informed the participants on actions taken on these issues. Other important topics were also discussed, for improving the control of construction and the interaction between the responsible government agencies and municipalities in this regard. 

Over 350 participants – financiers, accountants, tax experts, auditors, financial controllers, chairs of municipal councils standing committees gathered the 22nd National meeting of financiers from municipalities, held from 16 to 18 of May.  Representatives of the Ministry of finance, National Revenue Agency, National Statistical Institute, the Chamber of private enforcement agents, Notary Chamber, State agency for electronic management, etc also participated.

The main themes of the discussions were focused on maintaining sustainable public finances in municipalities, the frame of the municipal finances in 2020 and the long term vision 2030 for the improvement of the budgeting process. The work was organized in parallel expert groups: financiers, tax experts and accountants, auditors and financial controllers. Amongst the hot discussion topics were the e-Government and e-services – how to develop the capacity of municipalities to supply and improve the administrative services in the field of fiscal policy.

Since the beginning of the year NAMRB and NAMRB-Activ  held two other national forums. In March was held the National meeting of municipal experts in education, and in February-the National meeting of municipal enterprises and commercial companies. These national forums are recognized and preferred format by municipal experts, as they provide a broad platform for sharing experiences, discussing the problems and seeking solutions in a dialogue with the representatives of the central Government and the institutions that interact in the processes.

Photo: National Meeting of Architects


Photo: National Meeting of Financiers