NAMRB General Assembly Meeting



32nd ordinary NAMRB General Assembly (GA) meeting was held on February 12th in the capital city of Sofia. The GA delegates аproved Activities Reports for 2018 of the Management Bodies and the budget for the year 2019. The Association Work Program for the current year also was voted. In addition to the statutory activities, in the Work Program are several new to be implemented, as:

  • Internal municipal discussion for determing the vision for the development of the BG Municipalities till 2030. 3 forums with mayors and municipal councillors for discussions on their vision for the development of the local self governance in the next 10 years will be organized. Discussions will outline changes required within the scope of the mandate, sources of funding, resources and, if necessary, amendments in the structure of the local government;
  • Creation of European platform for free knowledge sharing and exchange of goods, services, equipment, materials and volunteers - “Community Sharing”.The platform will have four sections. The exchange of experience and knowledge: experienced managers and experts from all areas of local government bodies will be invited to share their experiences on the spot -not ‘virtually’. The exchange of goods, services, materials and equipment: everything that is not used, but is in good shape to be offered from one municiaplity to others in need. Exchange of volunteers: they will implement small scale investment and public works in partner municipalities – via the model of youth/student summer schools.  The fourth section will be for creating business contacts between companies from partner municipalities – they will be able to publish announcments for business partners, creation of joint productions, import and export of materials and goods, implementation of joint investment, establishment of industrial zones and technology parks, etc.
  • Starting the activities on building the National Municipal Complex. The intention is the Complex to have office space for the needs of the NAMRB and NAMRB-Active and other partner organizations; Congress part with meeting rooms; hotel and offices for the municipalities – to accommodate foreign delegations of municipalities and NAMRB, for the use of the representatives of municipalities for their commitments in Sofia. It is anticipated that municipalities can acquire own property in the complex.

After the General Assembly, discussion forum ‘European, national and regional municipal priorities’ was held.  Four ministers and two deputy ministers participated. The Panel ‘European and national vision for development of municipalities and regions’ focuses on the upcoming important changes in key European policies on territorial cohesion and the development of rural areas and their impact on national and municipal policies. Attention was given to the issues for the implementation of existing European programmes and municipal projects. The Panel ‘Shared responsibility in protecting the environment and promoting the local economy’ was dedicated to the new European objectives for ‘Smarter – transition to an innovative and intelligent economy and green and low-carbon Europe’ including the transformation of energy sources, circular economy, adaptation to climate change and risk management.. A time was given to the implementation of municipal projects under the Operational program Environment. ‘With care for local people’ was the message of the third panel, which discussed the successful integration of health and social services on local level.

Important was the discussion about the changes in the model of the healthcare services provsion from the municipal hospitals. School and child healthcare was also discussed from the point of view of the regulations and financial security. Other topics focused on municipal projects on ‘human resources development’, the regulation changes in social services and personal assistance providing persona care for adults.


Photo: The mayor of the host city of Sofia is greeting the GA delegates


Photo: The GA delegates


Photo: The delegates are speaking