NAMRB appeals to more powers for Local authorities in the field of public order




Тhe National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria expressed in open position its strong disagreement with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense’s statement that “Local authorities must start doing their job and … inform the police for preventive measures taking instead to wait an accident to happen.”

The Association in its position declared that the legislation allows local authorities just to note the problems with security and public order. Local authorities possess no legal powers to preserve the public order.

In line with these problems, more than 10 years yet, NAMRB proposes to every Government and National Assembly legislative changes to enable local authorities to establish their own units for public order control, supervision of the implementation of local administrations decisions, protection of municipal property and traffic organization. In line, as it is the case in many European countries.

NAMRB considers that the state must provide sufficient powers to municipalities before asking from them to take the respective responsibilities. Willingness for discussion of any suggestion for finding the best solutions for the citizens on the issue was also stated.

The reason for the Deputy Prime Minister's statement was tension created in the form of escalating, large-scaled and long-lasting civil protests and processions in Gabrovo municipality. Citizens were provoked for this from the inadequate actions of the competent institutions after shopkeeper thrashing by youths from Roma origin.

The protesters insist the City Prosecutor's Office to start doing its job, to wide the police presence in the town, to be checked the address registrations and the employment of Roma people, to be addressed the issue of early birth rates amongst under aged and the public order offenders to be obliged to implement activities in the favor of society.