Let's Clean Bulgaria Together!



The 9th edition of bTV Media Group largest civic initiative in Bulgaria – Let's Clean Bulgaria Together! will start in just a few days.

Its main goal is to raise the public awareness and sensitivity on issues related to environment protection and making Bulgaria cleaner and more beautiful. In all previous editions Bulgarian municipalities acted as main partners and this years is no exception.

The day of the so called “Big Cleanup” will be 14 September 2019. What’s new in 2019 is that the campaign is extending its scope with new opportunities to improve the environment that we live in. Volunteers from all over the country will be able not only to clean the polluted areas, but also to initiate other good deeds, such as renovating kids’ playgrounds and gardens, reforest areas, plant new trees, repair tourist signs, paint benches and give other good examples to make Bulgaria not only cleaner but also more beautiful.

On the same day Bulgarian volunteers will launch the second edition of World Cleanup Day, which will end in Hawaii on the night of September 21st. Ministry of environment as a partner to the initiative will ensure waste bags, gloves, other cleaning equipment and materials, as well as vouchers for fuel purchase.

Representatives of regional environmental and water inspectorates will be involved locally across the country. The municipalities are expected to assist in coordinating the work and activities on waste transportation, which will be collected on the territory of the municipality as a result of the organized cleaning.

Everybody can participate in the initiative, for more information: https://daizchistim.bg/kak-da-uchastvash/ 

Photo: Logo of the initiative