International workshop “Sustainable investment in sustainable urban development. Preparing for the future in Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania”



Senior representatives and experts from Blagoevgrad, Burgas, Veliko Tarnovo, Plovdiv and Sofia municipalities and NAMRB team attended the international workshop in Croatian city Osijek from 12th to 13th September. The event was organized by the European Commission and is part of the Urban Development Network, targeting Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania. The main goal of the workshop is exchange of experience and ideas between the municipal (city) authorities, responsible for the implementation of Sustainable Urban Development Strategies and the preparation for the next generation Integrated territorial investments in the 2021-2027 period.

During the first day of the event the World Bank presented the main trends and challenges to the sustainable territorial and urban development in demographic, social and economic context. Best practices and lessons learned from the implementation of the current strategies for sustainable urban development in the three countries were exchanged. The Commission also informed the participants about its proposals for the next programming period concerning the integrated territorial development. Representatives of the cities of Brno, Krakow, Ljubljana and Lisbon shared their experience in preparing sustainable urban development strategies.

On the second day the programme continued with discussions on the specific guidelines for the preparation of future sustainable urban development strategies - their territorial focus, integrated approach, citizen participation, business, academic and non-governmental sector, identification of projects for development of functional links between cities and surrounding urban areas, implementation of the Community Led Local Development approach, planning of social investments and interventions in urban mobility and economic development.

Photo: “Sustainable investment in sustainable urban development” workshop participants Osijek, Croatia