Innovative Practices of Bulgarian Municipalities



Municipal support for Cultural Heritage Restoration

The Sofia capital municipality is to fund projects for cultural heritage buildings restoration. Pilot program “Cultural Heritage” is initiated following the example of Paris district “Marais”. All owners of cultural heritage buildings on the territory of municipality may apply for financial support under the pilot program. For the current year the program budget is 300 thousand leva (or 150 thousand euro). The elaboration of technical documentation and the following supervision of restorations buildings activities will be funded. The support will engage building owners to implement the activities envisaged in 3-years period. If this does not happen, they will have to return the funds received to municipality.


Legal Services for Free

Office providing free of charge legal services is opened in Devnya Municipality. The municipality provides an equipped office space in its administrative building. The office will work every Monday. Free legal support on civil, criminal, divorce cases will provide lawyers. Consultations are for poor and disadvantaged people & persons accommodated in specialized institutions providing social services, as homes for the elderly, centers for people with disabilities, centers for homeless. From the services can take advantage also the inhabitants of Devnya’s neighboring municipalities.


Mayor Leads 1 300 Bicyclists

Over 1 300 bicyclist from all ages, took part in the event tour organized for the eight consecutive year by the mayor of Plovdiv municipality rayon Trakya. Traditionally, the mayor of the rayon leads the procession. To the bicyclists participated after a loto game 10 bikes, 100 rucksacks and many other gifts were awarded. The goal of the initiative is to increase the number of citizens who use bicycles as an alternative and ecological transport.


The Bulgarian Grand Canyon with an Open Space Museum

Three municipalities – the capital rayon Novi Iskarand the municipalities of Svoge and Mezdra and one University join their forces to implement the project for geo-tourism development in Bulgaria. The "Iskar Canyon" is the only project under the auspices of the UNESCO geo-parks in Bulgaria. Its goal is to stimulate the development of specialized tourism based on geological heritage. It is expected that these joint activities will open new jobs and will encourage innovative local initiatives, small businesses, alternative forms of tourism – ecotourism, rural tourism, culinary tourism, wine tourism and etc.. The idea of the project is from 2002, when the geopark "Iskar Gorge” was created, which is the Bulgarian Grand Canyon and presents the entire history of the Earth within 100 miles. There are over 60 geoparks in Europe and 127 in the world, as total.