Innovative practices from Bulgarian municipalities




Free public transport in Stamboliyski municipality

Municipality of Stamboliyski put into practice the last year promise to its citizens and became the first municipality in Bulgaria with free public transport. Two buses daily travel via the urban area and to the four villages. Passenger van provides transportation to people with disabilities and to the city of Plovdiv for residents willing to attend events in the European Capital of Culture 2019. The new vehicles are air-conditioned and equipped with platforms for disabled. New vehicles worth 105 thousands BGL (54 thousands euro). Three drivers are assigned to the city administration. The project for the free public transport was awarded amongst others 600 initiatives and reached the final stage in the European competition “Policy innovation” in the category “Quality of life”. 


E-bikes on Belene city roads

Belene Municipality vendees tree electric-bikes and charging stations with support of the project “Local economic and environment protection in the Danube region”.  The aim of the project under the Cross-border Programme Danube 2014-2020 is the cycling tourism development and nature preservation in the region against contaminations with harmful gases. With ID card only, the electrical bicycles can be rented up to 3 hours free of charge.  


New service in Targovishte municipality

Targovishte municipality introduced new service for broadcasting of corporative advertisements and announcements for citizens and organizations. They will be broadcasted on video screen in the city. The price for five minutes video or film announcement is 24 BGN (13 euro). The video wall is with dimensions 5 x 3 meters and allows display of videos, images and static text messages. There is no restriction to the files format. The broadcasting of advertisements contrary to the moral standards and derogating someone’s prestige is prohibited.


Register Dog, Win an Award


Plovdiv municipality launches campaign dedicated to the 4th of April- The international day for protection of stray animals”. The initiative called ‘Register dog and win an award’ was launched five years ago. It is for owners of pet-dogs who strictly comply with the legal provisions and duly declare possession of house dog. The aim of the campaign is to stimulate the activity of dog owners to fulfil their responsibilities. The owners of 12 house dogs will be awarded with gifts for their pets /various accessories and grooming services/, if they register their dogs in the city administration till December 10th 2019.

In parallel another campaign in Plovdiv city is running, for support dogs and cats neutering. The owners of pet dogs and cats may receive discount voucher from municipality.


Poems on the pavement


By initiative of Burgas municipality on the sidewalks of the busy central streets in the city verses of famous local poets are fitted. The aim is to make the city atmosphere more romantic, and pleasant and the pedestrians to break away from the gray day to day, as well as to show the cultural traditions of the city. Residents share that the idea of local administration is functional. Many pedestrians stop by and read the texts of the poems mounted on the pavement.