Goals, vision and priorities of the draft National Development Programmme Bulgaria 2030



Last week the National Association of municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria submitted its official position to the Ministry of Finance concerning the vision, goals and priorities, presented in the draft National Development Programme Bulgaria 2030.

The main findings in the position are related to the essence of the document as a strategic framework that should be adopted by the National Assembly. What is missing in the document is the acknowledgment of Bulgarian municipalities as main administrative-territorial units in the country. NAMRB also shares the view that in order to address regional imbalances, local self-government needs should be better reflected in the sectoral policies. NAMRB proposes that Bulgarian municipalities’ vision for their development until 2030 should be an integral part of the document i.e. financial independence of local authorities, strong local economy, more job opportunities, equal access to quality public services, socially just community, where the vulnerable groups are protected and there is no discrimination.

The position also puts forward that the document lacks strategic sectors, such as regional policy, water management sector policies, minority groups, public order and security, defence, etc. The document contains five main axes that are almost identical to the five EU policy objectives for the new programming period. Given that, NAMRB underlines that the National Development Programme should be the reference document for the programming of EU funds and not vice versa.

NAMRB position is available in Bulgarian on our web site through the following link: https://www.namrb.org/predlozeniia-pred-centralna-vlast