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Daniel Panov, Mayor of Veliko Tarnovo, Chair of the NAMRB Management Board: The mayors from mandate 2019 – 2023 leave a good "legacy"

Daniel Panov, Mayor of Veliko Tarnovo, Chair of the NAMRB Management Board: The mayors from mandate 2019 – 2023 leave a good "legacy"

Daniel Panov, the NAMRB Management Board Chair and Mayor of Veliko Tarnovo Municipality, addressed the participants during the final conference panel "Strong Municipalities in Times of Crises".

"Welcome to the heart of the Rhodope Mountains", he congratulated the audience at the hall and thanked the hosts – Nikolay Melemov – Mayor of Smolyan, Boran Hadzhiev – Mayor of  Chepelare, and Miroslav Yanchev – Mayor of Zlatograd. I thank the exhibitors who once again participate in the municipal EXPO, said Daniel Panov.

"We have symbolically called the events of these two days a 'final conference' on the expiring mandate of the local government. Everyone present here knows that regardless of their decision whether to continue on this path, regardless of the results in the upcoming local elections, we all remain permanently connected with the problems, expectations, hopes of the people we live with. This is not some unconscious missionary. It is a deep-seated sense of responsibility for everything that happens in our municipality, in our community.

Still, I think it's too early. It is early because we have not yet been able to pass on the experience that each of us has gained during these one, two, three or six terms. It's early because we haven't shared the lessons we've learned from all hardships we've gone through – together or separately and especially over these 4 years. It is early because we have not yet shown everything we are capable of mastering and have not said everything that needs to be heard and understood": with these words Panov turned to his fellow mayors.

He pointed out that 2023 is not only the last for the current term of the local government, it is loaded with a series of elections and all of them are essentially elections for local government, as well.

"But we have proved that without a regular government and a working parliament the state can exist if the local government stands firmly on its feet. We have proven that we are the backbone of the state. Thank you, colleagues.

Today we are here to dispel the slightest hesitation that if anyone still keeps our country upright, it is us. Thank you to your local administrations, dear colleagues.

Today we are here to show that people who realize their duty to society look at the problems to look for lessons," said the NAMRB Management Board Chair.

Daniel Panov assessed the work of his colleagues with the words: "The mayors from the 2019-2023 mandate leave a good "legacy": stability of municipalities, dialogue in the work of municipal councils and solid experience in crisis management. The passing mandate is unprecedented in its complexity and we have managed to remain the last link statehood that will guarantee all citizens' rights for significant periods of time. We need to remember it more often.

I thank the chairmen of municipal councils and municipal councilors, because in this term of crisis, war and disaster there was a good dialogue."

In his speech, Panov appealed: The only way in which good destiny can become a reality is to work together. The only mechanism to use everyone's opportunities without prejudice to anyone's rights is dialogue.

Again, it is time to remind that the people should be at the center of power, and the center of power should be where the people are. That is the meaning of management. This is the philosophy of decentralization, which we often talk about, Daniel Panov said.

"If we have the ambition not just to remain on the public stage, but to play an essential role, we must not only react to problems, but predict them and challenge solutions that would prevent them. This is the leadership attitude that NAMRB is striving for.

The new mandate comes with new expectations and requirements for municipalities. I would like to think that we are here to look at ourselves, to tell ourselves what we managed and what we faced, what we overcame and before what we remained powerless, what we fought and who we failed to overcome. If we succeed, we have grown.

If we can look at the difficulties we have experienced with gratitude for the lessons learned, then we have the strength to move forward. I thank on behalf of the Board the fellow mayors who participate in the conference, said the Mayor of Veliko Tarnovo and called on his colleagues to work with the same enthusiasm and responsibility, to work with the mayors of settlements together and together.