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National Association of the Municipalities in Republic of Bulgaria





The Standing Committees are thematic groups composed of elected officials and municipal experts. Among their tasks and responsibilities are to:

  • prepare proposals for improving the regulatory framework for local self-government and opinions on draft legislative acts;
  • ensure the exchange of positive experience between members;
  • assist in improving the managerial skills and qualifications of the personnel;
  • prepare requests for organizing and providing consulting, expert and other services to members;
  • encourage inter-municipal association for solving issues of mutual interest;
  • communicate and interact with the representatives of the central government within the mandate set by NAMRB Management Board;
  • provide publicity and public support to strengthen the management of municipal activities;
  • create conditions for networking by attracting experts;
  • perform other functions assigned by NAMRB General Assembly and the Management Board.

NAMRB Standing Committees are established, transformed and dismissed by decision of the Management Board.

Their composition is determined by the Management Board, taking into account the interest expressed by the municipalities. Each municipality can nominate representatives in more than one committee.

The leadership of each committee consists of a chairman and vice-chairman/s. The committee may determine the number of vice-chairmen by decision.

NAMRB Standing Committees for the 2019 - 2023:

  1. Local self-government, economic policy and tourism
  2. Local finance, budget and municipal property
  3. Agriculture, forests, rural and mountainous areas
  4. Social policy
  5. Education, youth, sports and culture
  6. Healthcare
  7. Ecology and clean environment
  8. Spatial development and immovable cultural-historical heritage
  9. Administrative service and municipal administration
  10. European funds, national and international programmes and projects