Dobrich: A new city center will be designed and built




In Dobrich we are going to build a new city center, said mayor Yordan Yordanov at a press conference after summarizing the results of the public consultation. Nearly 2200 citizens participated in the large-scale public query of the municipality. 1770 of them assessed condition of paving in the pedestrian zone as bad and most insisted for a new solutions for large spaces in which they wanted to fit colorful figures, fountains and other elements of urban design, as well as to improve the lighting, said Yordanov. Many areas of the pedestrian zone have been compromised and reconstructions started as early as it was commissioned in 2012. Municipality is looking a solution for installation of resistant to the local climate conditions, at least with a few times more stable than the current pavement. Municipality will announce a competition for conceptual design for a new city center, which is expected to include architects from all over the country, and teams from abroad, said from the mayor's headquarter. For the development of the central zones, support will be sought under the European programs or the municipality is to provide loan funds.