Vratsa: tenants of municipal terrains and sites exempt from fees and rents




The Municipal Council in Vratsa decided at its regular meeting today to exempt from paying rents and fees all tenants of municipal property sites and terrains that have stopped their activities due to the state emergency measures introduced. Persons who have not ceased their activity, despite the extraordinary measures, shall not be exempt from payment. The circumstance shall be attested by an act after verification by the competent authorities on the ground. Tenants and users who have paid in advance but are unable to work will be granted a month free of charge to operate on the municipal terrain after the cancellation of the state of emergency. The period for 5% discount for paying the whole amount of due taxes to the municipality is extended until 30 June.

The meeting of Vratsa Municipal Council took place in compliance with the anti-epidemic measures and without the presence of citizens and media. The counselors met in the city concert hall with face masks and gloves and more than two meters apart. The meeting was broadcasted live on a specially created channel in the Internet.