Svishtov: Reconstructions of highly compromised road area of Southeastern entrance of Svishtov town have started




Under the mayor Gencho Genchev’s request, Veliko Tarnovo Road Infrastructure Agency began renovation of the highly compromised road area of the Southeastern entrance of the town of Svishtov. Section on road III-405, on the side of the village of Tsarevets, is a third class road, part of the Bulgarian Republican Road Network and its reconstruction is a commitment of the Road Infrastructure Agency. Present condition of the road segment and high traffic are prerequisites for road accidents, and in addition to the unpleasant impression, when passing through road infrastructure entering to Svishtov town. Pursuant to these legitimate reasons, mayor of the city insists on the area road management for renovation of the plot. After the completion of the repair activities and the laying of asphalt to this part of the city, the second stage of the renovation of the third-class Republican road II-52 is to be started, which concerns area of the village of Vardim to the Northeast entrance of the town of Svishtov.