Stara Zagora: numerous donations from the business and the citizens



A large number of companies, businesses and citizens from Stara Zagora are making donations during the state of emergency. The staff of “Prof. Dr. Stoyan Kirkovich“ Hospital, Oncological Centre Stara Zagora and the Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment of Pneumatic Diseases will receive 300 special protective clothing.
150 kilos of fresh vegetables will be donated to the Home for elderly people in Lyaskovets by the owner of the chain of restaurants “Srabska skara pri Vlado”.
Local company “Shiderov” will donate 2000 packages of vanilla flavoured starch for preparation of deserts for all social services in the municipality.
Fishing club Stara Zagora will deliver 30 kilos fish to the Home for physically disabled adults.
The Union of Bulgarian Teachers to KNSB (Labour Union) will transfer 1000 BGN to the bank account of Stara Zagora Municipality, to be used for COVID-19 prevention measures.
Mrs. Nikolina Valikova is donating 2000 gloves and 300 masks to the Municipal Headquarter for prevention of COVID-19 outbreak. The materials donated will be distributed where appropriate to the units most in need.
Protective masks for multiple use were donated by the clothing store “Mon Sher” to be given out to elderly people
Supporting the initiative of “Petraki” Bakery to donate bread to people in need, “Melko Sliven” company will give flour for the production of additional quantities of bread to the users from dietetic food service.
Petrol Company “Zara” organizes the delivery of technical equipment and supplies to “Prof. Dr. Stoyan Kirkovich” hospital in Stara Zagora. They have ensured new respirators and displays to monitor the condition of the patients, supplies for these equipment, as well as personal protective means for the medical personnel.