Sofia: Sofia mayor joined the volunteer teams of the municipality for food and medicine supply



This week 165 elderly people received food and medicines at their homes On Sunday, mayor of Sofia Mrs. Yordanka Fandakova joined the volunteer formations to the municipality that work together with teams from the Bulgarian Red Cross (BRC) and citizens. The delivery teams from Sofia municipality are made up of the employees from two departments - "Emergency assistance and prevention" and "Social patronage".
"Dragomira, Lydia and Victoria, to whom I brought food and medicine today, strictly follow the recommendations and do not come out of their homes. Of course, they miss going out and contacts with their friends. They share the view that now it is important to be accountable and unified, so I say that on their behalf. Stay at home! We can help you if needed!", mayor Fandakova said and shared on her Facebook page.
Since the beginning of the epidemic Sofia Municipality organizes deliveries to the homes of elderly people. 40 people from "Emergency assistance and prevention" department, 18 employees of "Transport" department, 28 volunteers from the voluntary units in Sofia and 27 volunteers from BRC and citizens are responding every day to calls and requests for food delivery to the homes of those in need. The municipality and the BRC have 40 people each from the voluntary formations, which are also included in the schedule. The first citizens’ team, totaling 28 people will be enrolled in the work as of next week, because the work is quickly expanding.