Shumen: Mayor’s  order about extraordinary epidemic situation  measures in the municipality



Entertainment and gaming halls, discos, bars, restaurants, party shops and indoor pubs, as well as shopping malls and trade centers stay closed. The order, published on the official website of the municipality, are described in detail all the activities related to the disposition of the Minister of Health Kiril Ananiev and Council of Ministers decision to announce an extraordinary epidemic situation. Exceptions to the ban are allowed-for practices and traineeships of students and training exercises for drivers. Closed are kindergartens, sports centers, fitness halls and other indoor places for sports, as well as playgrounds. School classes continue to take place in remote form, if possible. Ban for organizing mass cultural and entertainment events indoors is also valid. Visits in medical institutions for hospital care and in specialized institutions for provision of social services of resident type for children and adults are forbidden. Measure from 8.30 a.m. to 10.30 p.m. only persons over 60 years old to attend grocery stores and pharmacies remains in effect. With another order, mayor introduces special epidemic measures, which employers on the territory of the municipality must observe, and if possible to organise a remote form of work. Order describes requirements to be applied in the working premises if work is not organised from a distance and in public sites providing services to citizens. It is stated that it is obligatory to use protective equipment and materials for disinfection, wearing a disposable or reusable protective face mask or any other means covering the nose and mouth.