Razgrad: municipality organizes food support for families in need




Razgrad Municipality organizes support for families in urgent need of food, announced the municipal administration.

During a work meeting at the administration yesterday, it was indicated that nine families, currently using the services of Public Support Centre, an initiative of “Janet” Association and six from the Child Protection Unit already need such support. For them, as well as for others in need, food products will be purchased and provided as packages with the support and transportation by the municipality.

Readiness to help with money and food has already been declared by Public Donation Fund for Razgrad Foundation.

For other people in need warm lunch will be provided though the Home Social Patronage. The intention and capacity of the municipal unit is to prepare and serve food to additional 100 people over the number of current 500 users.

Requests for assistance will be received at 084 66 02 83 or at the Public Support Center on weekdays between 9am and 5pm. The municipality appeals to citizens who think their neighbours or persons they knew have similar needs of support to call the municipality.

People who wish to donate can do so by bank transfer to the bank accounts of Social Services and Health Department in Razgrad Municipality. Products with a certificate can also be donated, as well as to join the campaign of the Bulgarian Red Cross and some chain of stores, the municipality added.