Preparation for the upcoming NAMRB General Assembly



A month ahead of the General Assembly of NAMRB in February 2020, the Management Board discussed its preparation and approved the main discussion papers, reports and the programme of the Association for the current year. The Management Board approved the rules of procedures for the organization and nomination of members of the commissions that will be responsible for the elections for the renewal of NAMRB governing bodies. The newly elected members will be decided and announced at the upcoming General Assembly. The preparatory work started this week with two regional assemblies in Pravets and Varshets for the Southwestern and Northwestern regions of Bulgaria, and will continue with four more regional meetings in the following weeks.

The Management Board also approved NAMRB framework position for the upcoming budget procedure for 2021, as well as our proposal for amending the rules for subsidizing public transport on unprofitable routes. Here are the budgetary priorities in short:

  • Further development of municipal own revenue base, including through partial transfer of national revenues and taxes;
  • Continue the process of updating the Local Taxes and Fees Act with focus on updating tax assessments;
  • Development of new measures and instruments for increasing the collection of own revenues and creation of modern and secure e-tax services on local level.

Municipalities will assist the process of improving the support mechanisms for financially weaker municipalities to the greatest extent possible, incl. by improving distribution mechanisms. Increasing the powers of municipalities in managing state-delegated activities should be done under clear requirements and financial security, while at the same time NAMRB will contribute to the process with a thorough examination of the “defects” in the current mechanism for setting standards for delegated activities and through a package of thematic forums for experts from the municipalities and the central administration.

It is expected the Bulgarian Government will approve 2021 Budget Procedure by the end of January, thus setting the deadlines and responsibilities of Ministry of Finance, other institutions and municipalities in elaborating the mid-term budgetary forecast and the draft state budget for the next year.