Pomorie: adopted first financial reliefs for the citizens



The municipal councillors unanimously supported the proposal of Mayor Ivan Alexiev to introduce financial reliefs to the citizens of Pomorie Municipality. 19 municipal councillors were present at the extraordinary meeting of the Municipal Council, which was held under strict sanitary measures.

According to the decision of the Municipal Council all tenants of municipal commercial sites that are not currently working because of the restrictive measures introduced are exempted from rent payments from 13 March till the end of the state of emergency. These are users of sidewalks, squares, street lanes, places where markets are organized (open and covered), as well as other-purpose terrains that are municipal property. For the same period, no fee will be due from parents of children attending a day nursery or kindergarten in the municipality of Pomorie.

“At this difficult time, let reason prevail and impose self-control. Let's show that we are truly responsible residents of this city and municipality. We are the people here who need to ensure the peace of our fellow citizens and to provide social services to people. Now is the time to unite and help according to our capabilities and powers” urged Mayor Ivan Alexiev.

All tenants of municipal sites who do not fall within the order of the Minister of Health and can continue their activities, but who are not doing it because of safety measures can submit a declaration to the NRA for temporary suspension of activity. A copy of the filed declaration is submitted to OP “SSGI” - Pomorie and then the rental price is reduced to 1.00 BGN per sq.m.