Pavlikeni: Мunicipality organized for their residents a concert of Stefan Valdobrev and "Obichainite zapodozreni"



Pavlikeni municipality for their residents organized a concert of Stefan Valdobrev and "Obichainite zapodozreni" on the occasion of the day of Bulgarian Enlightenment and Culture and the Slavonic Alphabet. The concert is for all residents and will take place on 22 May at 18h30 in the Summer Theatre "Nikola Ghiuselev" in Pavlikeni.  Eminent artists for their educational work and culture in the municipality  will be awarded.  In connection with the emergency epidemic situation in the summer theater will be introduced safety measures, citizens will be allowed to filling 30 percent of the occupational capacity of the place. Pavlikeni municipality appeal to use personal protective equipment and to keep a social  distance.