NAMRB Presented the Local Self-Government in Bulgaria and its International Activities at the Annual Conference of Bulgarian Ambassadors



NAMRB was invited to take part in the traditional meeting of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria and Bulgarian ambassadors around the globe in Sofia. This year the event also marked 140 years since the establishment of the Bulgarian Diplomatic Service.

The Executive Director of NAMRB Ms. Silviya Georgieva underlined that local self-government and state authorities have similar goals and aspirations based on common values and principles. She noted that local self-government authorities have their own instruments for political leverage and they would be willing to work together with the executive branch on topics and spheres of high national interest.

In her statement she outlined the work of Bulgarian national delegations in the European Committee of the Regions and the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities, as well as the excellent connections with the national associations and organizations of local authorities in different countries. She also put emphasis on the cooperation with European regional networks and organizations and their added value not only for the local self-government, but also for Europe as a whole.

She marked some good examples of mutual work with Bulgarian diplomatic missions abroad and the contribution of those projects for promoting Bulgarian culture, traditions, tourism and establishing economic partnerships.

In the subsequent discussion many ambassadors shared their positive experience working with Bulgarian municipalities on different cooperation projects and bilateral visits, and expressed willingness to continue the good trend after the local elections in Bulgaria.



Photo: Silviya Georgieva, Executive Director of NAMRB



Photo: Bulgarian Ambassadors at the Annual Meeting