NAMRB demands that new responsibilities assigned to municipalities under the Copyright Act are revoked



In a letter to the President of the National Assembly, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Legal Affairs and the Minister of Culture, NAMRB requested that the control functions of municipalities assigned under the Copyright and Related Rights Act are revoked.In recent amendments to the Copyright Act mayors were delegated additional powers to observe that all commercial and tourist premises on the municipal territory are acting in compliance with the regulations of the Act.The amendments were tabled between the two readings of the bill in the National Assembly without a preliminary impact assessment and a financial statement, showcasing yet another example of state policies implementation transfer to municipalities without prior coordination or provision of additional resources. The negative opinion of NAMRB was formed after an express consultation among municipalities. However, the objection was not taken into consideration by the MPs. In practical terms the problem stands in the extremely large scale of the sites subject to control by municipalities. According to the Law on Tourism only the tourist sites are distributed in 21 different groups. At the same time the implementation of effective control by the mayors of municipalities implies the existence of qualified specialists according to the complexity of the matter, as well as financial resources for their remuneration and additional qualification trainings.