NAMRB celebrated birthday with journalists



On December 11, the National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria accomplished 22 years. On the Gala day, NAMRB Management Board has a session in Sofia. Before that journalists engaged on topics connected with local self-governance were invited to a glass of wine for the NAMRB birthday.

The Board President, the Mayor of Veliko Tarnovo Municipality Mr. Daniel Panov greeted the media representatives and presented in brief the Association activities during the year. Many good things happened in 2018, he said and highlighted the successful municipal participation in the initiatives under the Bulgarian presidency of the Council of EU and the strengthen international prestige of the Association therein. He also noted the ongoing over 1,800 municipal projects for over BGN 3 billion (1.5 billion euro) cofinanced by the European funds.

‘We will pursue our cause for decentralization and more revenue for municipalities. Decentralization empowers mayors and local authorities - they are the power closest to the citizens that can really solve their problems’, said Daniel Panov. He also marks the important tasks on which NAMRB will continue to work - a new Local Taxes and Fees Act, sharing the personal income tax revenues between the state and the municipalities in order to have more resources for infrastructure, parks and renovations of urban environment.

The President briefed the journalists on the NAMRB initiative for elaboration of Strategy for the development of the Local Self-governance in the next 10 years. From the beginning of the next year regional forums will be organized throughout the country. Within the forums elected representatives on local level will share their ideas for the elaboration of the consensus vision on the main spheres of municipal activities.  The topics for discussions will focus on new instruments and powers and resources needed for their implementation.

The Deputy President of the Board, Mayor of Troyan Municipality Ms.Donka Mihaylova also talked about the need for more decentralization and the possibilities for increasing the municipal revenues. She explained the regulations connected with the new calculation method of the motor vehicle tax and the intentions of local authorities to introduce public acceptable tax from which the municipalities to inflict no losses.

The Management Board decided the NAMRB General Assembly Meeting to be hold on the 12 of February 2019.


Photo: NAMRB Birthday celebration



Photo: Press Conference