Montana Municipality implements an online waste management system



Mayor of Montana Zlatko Zhivkov signed an agreement with A1 Telecommunication operator for implementing an online system for smart waste management. This is the first project in Bulgaria using NB-IoT – a technological standard that connects a wide range of devices, machines and services using cellular telecommunication technologies. The Smart Waste Management is suitable for municipalities and waste management companies. With the help of sensors, the system automatically identifies the level of garbage in the containers and the amount of waste foreseen for transportation. The system offers an automatic calculation of the route and navigation based on the analysis of the information. It saves time and can also cut cost with up to 70 %.

This is a very serious step to the future. First, it introduces control of waste collection and the resources spend from the total amount of households waste taxes collected. Secondly the cleanliness of the city will be improved and thirdly it brings greater transparency for people. In addition a free online application will soon be developed that will provide information to citizens about the closest blank container, announced a representative of A1. The sensors are already installed on 747 containers in different zones of Montana Municipality. It is expected that after the accumulation of data on the discarded trash quantities and movement of garbage trucks, the system will start to calculate automatically the routs and navigation will be applied.

Photo: Mayor of Montana and A1 Manager Exchange Signed Agreement Papers