Lovech: The Jazz fest under the stars of the Devetashko Plateau is postponed due to current health and sanitary measures



Decision to postpone the Jazz Festival was taken at a meeting of the Management Board of the "Devetashko Plateau" Association, conducted through an internet platform. Its partners are nine villages in the municipalities of Lovech, Letnitsa and Sevlievo. Because of the pandemic, at the beginning of the tourist season the sites will be promoted through videos on the Internet platforms of the three municipalities. It is also discussed the creation of a new website of the Association, as well as the commitments of its members. In addition to the repeal of the festival "Jazz Under the Stars", which is organized in June, in question is the Autumn folklore festival "Nine songs from the Spring", which this year should be in the Sevlievskoto village of Agatovo. The Devetashko Plateau Association has been  established 12 years ago and covers villages in the municipalities of Letnitsa, Lovech and Sevlievo. The aim is to revive the villages and to help develop the region. Sights such as the Krushuna waterfalls, Kukrinskoto hantche, Devetashkata peshtera cave and etc.