Lovech Municipality is hosting the international training “Raising Radio Reaction”



Lovech Municipality is hosting "R.R.R. - Raising Radio Reaction" training, funded under Erasmus+ and organized by Abroadship. The training course gathers 26 youth workers and youngsters from Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Republic North Macedonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland and Slovakia. The aim of the project which started on 29 August and will end on 7 September, is to provide the participants with the skills needed to establish and manage on their own budget web-based radio channels using the methods of non-formal education. The organizations and their youth workers will be empowered with knowledge how to help young people in their respective countries to create their own "brand" business that is not mediated by the "world" of adults, but absolutely free of editorial lines, special interests and other impositions.

As part of the programme the participants will meet the mayor of Lovech Mrs. Cornelia Marinova and simulate a radio program during their visit to a web-based radio in Veliko Tarnovo municipality.


Photo by - Training Course “Raising Radio Reaction”