Local authorities have unique knowledge and can deliver!



Local authorities have unique knowledge and can deliver!

We are looking forward to successful municipal examples for development of small settlements


Participate with your good practice in the implementation of project “GALOP – Grow through activating local potential” supported under the Financial mechanism of the European economic area!

NAMRB is gathering information for successful municipal actions related to the development of small settlements. We believe that each and every of our municipalities has its successes that can serve as prime examples for local development!

Together with the Norwegian association of regional and local authorities (KS) we initiated this project to identify local assets and municipal potential for socio-economic development, as well as ways or models to up-grade and utilize them.

After the data on good practices and local assets are analysed, the participating municipalities shall be able to apply for the financing of a concept for local economic development under the GALOP project.

These municipalities shall be involved in the intensive expert and managerial exchange with the Norwegian local authorities and in the study trips to Norway.

In addition, we have the crucial understanding from the Ministry of education and science (Program operator of the Local development program under the Financial mechanism of the European Economic Area) that selected municipalities be allowed to apply directly for financing for the implementation of their local concepts or strategies under the Small grants scheme of that program.

Therefore, we ask our local authorities to fill in the accompanying short survey and to send it back to us at: namrb@namrb.org until 30.09.2019. For questions linked with the survey or the implementation of project GALOP one should contact Simeon Petkov at: s.petkov@namrb.org, 02 94 34 467 or 0899 923 772.


Project № BGLD-1.002-0001 “Grow through Activating Local Potential – GALOP