Kurdzhali: a grant of 60 000 BGN for respirators to "Dr. Atanas Dafovski" hospital




The proposal of Mayor of Kardzhali Hassan Aziz to grant 60 000 BGN for breathing respirators to "Dr. Atanas Dafovski" Hospital was voted and adopted unanimously by the Municipal Council at its meeting today. Considering the preventive measures related to the COVID-19 epidemic the meeting went behind closed doors. The decision to grant the funds was preceded by a letter from the director of the hospital-Prof. Dr. Todor Cherkezov, to the mayor of the municipality in which he expresses the need for respirators. Again on proposal by the mayor, the municipal councilors voted to exempt from rent all tenants of municipal property until the cancellation of the state of emergency, including the outdoor cafes and fast-food establishments; sports facilities-complex "Arpezos", "Arena Arda", "GORUBSO" stadium and other sites for sport activities, as well as pavilions in the archaeological complex Perperikon.

The exemption cover tenants of medical and dental cabinets, as well as traders with movable facilities on municipal terrains.