Kazanlak: second phone line for patients without GP



There are already two phone lines that Kazanlak municipality maintain in relation to COVID-19 prevention. The new telephone number is 0887700846. It will be available 24 hours to citizens who do not have a personal general physician but who need guidance on what to do with flu-like symptoms.
The phone will be serviced by medical professionals with the aim to reduce the pressure on the healthcare system and the emergency units, limiting the visits to health facilities by patients to obtain any kind of information. The phone will be operational as of 26 March after 08.30 h.
The hot phone already known to all: 0700 400 56 remains available, at which elderly, single-living/ or sick people can request the delivery of medicines and food 24 hours a day. The delivery teams are specially marked with Municipality of Kazanlak symbols.
The Municipal Crisis Headquarter calls to all citizens to follow the guidelines of the National Staff, to be responsible and self-disciplined for their health!