Investments under Operational Program “Regions in Growth” improve the living standards in Bulgaria



A 3D mapping show organized by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works on an old Ikarus bus, presented how cities, towns and villages in Bulgaria have changed, thanks to European funding under Operational Program “Regions in Growth”. Guests of the event were the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Petya Avramova, Deputy Minister Denitsa Nikolova, Deputy Mayor of Sofia municipality Doncho Barbalov and NAMRB Executive Director Silviya Georgieva.

The Big Band of National Music Academy, “Pop and Jazz” Department entertained the audience during the show. The Academy was completely renovated this year through investments under the Operational Programme. Minister Avramova reported that 209 projects were completed, the amounts paid out are around 1,5 billion BGN, which is almost 50% of the program's total resources. 598 contracts were concluded for 2.6 billion BGN or 86% of the programme budge. “These numbers are a real proof of the progress and successes of one of the largest infrastructure programs in Bulgaria”, she added.

The Minister also noted that all these funds are aimed at improving the quality of life in all regions of the country. "The change is visible, even for the sceptics”, Minister Avramova said and stressed that it is important that citizens appreciate the achievements and to use the improvements with the care of a good owner. Deputy Minister Nikolova also spoke about the importance of the programme for improving people's lives. The main objective of the Ministry currently is to negotiate over 3 billion BGN for the future programming period.

As part of the information campaign of the Operational Programme a photo exhibition in Sofia’s electric public transport was organized. The photos are provided by the beneficiaries of projects completed under the Programme and participants in “My City is My Fortress" campaign, which ended at the end of September.

Photo: 3D mapping show on Ikarus bus vehicle

Photo (from left to right): Minister Petya Avramova, Deputy Mayor of Sofia Doncho Barbalov, NAMRB Executive Director Silviya Georgieva and Deputy Minister Denitsa Nikolova