Dupnitsa: measures in support of the local business and the healthcare system




"We are on the final line and we have identified concrete steps. Of course, they we are open to future adjustments and additions, as the situation in the country cannot be determined by a specific final date. It is very important to create conditions for workers in the health sector. It is no secret that, given the situation in the country, the revenues in the healthcare facilities have declined, which is perfectly normal and affects the local municipal hospital. We have made our internal estimations and one of measure to be taken by the municipality is to ensure the smooth receipt of monthly remunerations for the period of the emergency", said the mayor Metodi Chimev. The other part of the measures is directed to the local business. They cover over 250 retail outlets. At this stage it is decided not to pay rents for a certain period of time, the length of which depends on the development of the situation.

The anticipated losses for the municipal budget for not collecting rent in April and May are expected to amount of approximately 70 000 BGN. The deadlines for paying taxes for individuals and companies are already extended. The same will be done for the waste collection tax after consideration by the Municipal Council.