Dragoman: successful start of the volunteers’ recruitment campaign




On the initiative of Andrey Ivanov, Mayor of Dragoman Municipality, the campaign for recruiting volunteers started successfully. “Our country is in an unprecedented situation.  To cope with it personal commitment of each of us is required" - with these words Andrey Ivanov began his address in connection with the recruitment of volunteers. At this stage, a team has already been formed within the municipality to voluntarily supply basic necessities and medicines to single-parent, physically unwell elderly people over 65, falling outside the scope of the Domestic Social Patronage service. The goal is to limit the outdoor activities of people at risk for COVID-19 infection as much as possible.

The requests are fulfilled by volunteers and the funds for the purchase are provided by the people in need. They carry special badges to certify that they are volunteers to the municipality.

The municipality of Dragoman is taking the necessary steps to take care of its most vulnerable citizens who cannot rely on other people in this crisis situation.