Dimitrovgrad: Mayor Ivo Dimov proud of his citizens




"Every year Dimitrovgrad awards its citizens with the highest prize "Honorary citizen of Dimitrovgrad", as a recognition for their socially important activities in the sake of local community.

There are many citizens in our city history, who have received recognition for their merit to our society for their achievements and contribution to the development of the city; for their achievements in the field of public, political, scientific, economic, cultural and sports life; for promoting of the name of the city; for charity work and philanthropy; for their heroism.

Now, Dimitrovgrad municipality has taken a number of preventive measures to limit the infection of Covid-19 and all these efforts would be in vain, without the understanding and support of the local community and the civil responsibility. There are many samples of human solidarity and empathy in this situation where some of our fellow citizens helped others to cope with the heavy burden. Mobilization and empathy of people in the municipality showed that we are solitarian as a society and have moral values.

As mayor of our municipality, I think it is important to appreciate high civil responsibility of our fellow citizens, as well as to recognize the work of medics who take care of our health and work in a risky environment to make the most of the work of all teachers who every day overcome new challenges for defending their mission to educate our children; to congratulate police officers, firefighters and volunteers for their daily courage, putting their own lives at risk in immediate contact with the infection; to express our respect to every one of our fellow citizens who realizes their responsibility and tries to protect health of the people, who are around.

All of them are activists of our entire society. They are all worthy citizens and deserve our distinction and moral recognition. Therefore, this year I cannot customize with specific names the proposals for "Honorary citizen of Dimitrovgrad", "Leader of culture" and "Teacher of the Year".

In 2020 Dimitrovgrad can be proud of its dozens citizens with high moral values. They are all around us and deserve our recognition! "