Dimitrovgard: municipality adopts a package of measures for the small and medium business




Dimitrovgrad Municipality has developed a package of economic measures to support the business on its territory and continues to look for other opportunities in its budget for further support. The main objective is to help small and medium businesses in the municipality and to share the burden of the crisis.

The measures that will come in force are:

  • Exemption from charges of traders on the Sunday market and the Automobile market during the time of the restrictions imposed during the state of emergency;
  • Tenants of sites on municipal property will be exempt from paying rent if their activities are prohibited by the state of emergency;
  • No fees for conducting business on public municipal property will be collected from the companies that are not working because of the state of emergency. They must submit an application for the period in question;
  • Extension of the period for payment of real estate tax and waste tax with a 5% discount until 30 June 2020;
  • Extension of the period for paying of vehicles tax with a 5% discount until 30 June 2020;
  • Postponing the payment of monthly rents for municipal homes, owned by the municipality until the end of the year.