Devnya municipality is the winner in Nestle Live Actively competition



Devnya municipality won Nestle Live Actively competition for 2019 and received a lump sum of 20 000 BGN for renovation of the park in Devnya River neighborhood. The prize was awarded to the mayor of the municipality Mr. Svilen Shitov, who personally presented the project. He emphasized that the initiative "Nestle Live Actively" will become an integral part of the annual sports’ calendar of Devnya municipality. With the money won and additional own funding, the municipality will renovate the park in the "Devnya River", which should become a modern space for various activities for the residents, as well as for the guests to the neighborhood.

One of the specific accents in the project is that the landscaping will be done on a voluntary basis and will encourage people from the municipality to contribute for the development of the urban environment. The new park area will be opened for the public in the beginning of June.

A total number of 12 municipalities participated in the national competition, which was part of the large initiative for balanced nutrition and active lifestyle “Nestle Live Actively”. The aim of the campaign is to motivate more and more people from all over the country to lead an active lifestyle, for balanced nutrition and to support the efforts of local authorities in this direction.

Each of the municipalities that participated in 2019 initiative organized a large public event dedicated to sport, sensible nutrition and active lifestyle. For all their efforts in support of “Nestle Live Actively” campaign, local administrations received funding for a future project, which must be completed within 2020. The finalists in the competition presented their initiatives in public and received prizes from the sponsors.

Photo: Mayor of Devnya Municipality, Svilen Shitov (right) during the Nestle Live Actively award ceremony


Photo: Devnya Municipality team during the Nestle Live Actively Award Ceremony