Burgas: Municipality will transform Chengene skele fishing settlement of into a year-round tourist destination



Fishing settlement of Chengene skele near Burgas has the prospect to become a tourist product, developed by local municipality. The first steps for this kind of activities are taken under the implementation of a project for conservation and promotion of self-integrity of the settlement, funded under the Maritime and Fisheries Programme. A study of the intangible cultural heritage related to fisheries in the Burgas bay is currently being carried out. In preparation is the development of an conceptual concept for the new tourist product and construction of etnographic exposition in the village. Fishing village is located 15 km from Burgas. The idea is to build buildings with exhibition functions there. There will be demonstrations and permanent exhibitions with exhibits of the fishing culture. Creation of the new attraction aims to change the profile of tourism in the region, gradually becoming year-round from seasonal one. Tourist destination will also perform an educational function to enrich the knowledge of young people about traditional crafts, authentic customs of Burgas fishermen and local folklore.