Burgas: math model will show the number of persons quarantined in Burgas



The analysis of the dynamics of people under mandatory quarantine imposed in relation to the COVID-19 in Burgas will be performed using a mathematical model.
The statistics will be displayed graphically and will give accurate information about the number of people under quarantine. These are people returning from countries with high-risk of morbidity such as UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and other people that were in contact with COVID-19 positive patients.
In this graph, the blue feature will represent the total number of quarantined people. It will be obtained by adding to the current number of persons under quarantine the new cases put under isolation for the day and subtracting those who have are no longer under quarantine.
The red arrow will only show the number of people quarantined for that day.

The data for the graph is sent to Burgas Municipality on a daily basis by the Regional Health Inspectorate of Burgas and the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior-Burgas. Their main purpose is to aid the municipal and law enforcement officials to perform the checks of quarantined citizens.
An up-to-date graph will be uploaded daily to illustrate new cases of persons under mandatory quarantine. It will be uploaded on the municipal website.