Burgas: Covered boat stand in the fishing village is under construction



Activities of Burgas municipality are being implemented for the construction of a covered boat stand in the west area of the fishing village and its port. We are currently working on the embankment around the heling and its site. Facility will serve as non-industrial fishing activities. It will also be a place of shelter for fishing vessels. The sheltered boat station will help fishermen. Main objective of the project is to improve conditions for the development of the sector, to promote social inclusion and employment in fisheries-dependent communities on the territory of Burgas municipality. Fishing village over the years served as original place where traditional fishing for the region is practiced. Place to build the boat berths is chosen so that theyt has good and easy access to them. Facility will be located at a depth of 1.78 meters and includes a fenced breakwater with a total length of almost 200 meters. The breakneck will protect the aquatories of the boat berth from the North, Northwest and West. It is also planned to build a site with a ramp for launching and harvesting of boats, a bypass channel with a depth of 2.5 to 4.5 meters, a fence on the territory of the boat berth to provide controlled access. There will be a checkpoint and supply points for vessels for water and electricity. Implementation of the project contributes to preserving water biodiversity and marine ecosystems, as well as protecting the population from the harmful effects of water, which is a consequence of climate change recent years. In addition to a boat stand serving a small-scale coastal fishing fleet, the hydro technical facility will perform shore-protective and shore-enhancing functions, which are necessary as a countermeasure against marine abrasion and collapses. Project "Construction of a covered boat in the West area of the fishing port (former area Chengene skele), municipality of Burgas" will complete at the end of October. It is financed under the "Maritime and Fisheries Programme" 204-2020.