Sliven: Energy efficiency improvements for home residential building at Shesti September Street in the city



Energy efficiency improvements of the last residential Building, of 51 as total, under the National Energy Efficiency program has started. Official start of the construction works gave the mayor Stefan Radev, who told the residents of the building that there is a growing interest and approval of the renovation program. Answering the question whether it is expected to be reopened for application, mayor said that he had submitted his statement to the National Association of Municipalities in Bulgaria. He assessed the program as an effective crisis measure, as it engaged a wide range of workers across the country and a growing number of benefited from it. For their part, the residents of the building did not hide their satisfaction and expressed readiness to cooperate with the builders during the repair activities. At present number of fully completed renovated residential buildings is 42. Site is to be carried out thermal insulation of the exterior walls, hydro and thermal insulation of the roof, metal plating and lightning rod, as well as replacement of the entrance doors. Building windows and common areas that do not meet energy efficiency requirements also will be replaced. Deadline for implementation is 170 days.