12th of October- the Day of the Bulgarian Municipality



For 20 years, on the initiative of NAMRB, on October 12th  is celebrated the Day of the Bulgarian Municipality. The purpose of this holiday is to remind of the great responsibility of the local authorities for the development of the Bulgarian towns and villages, their daily concern for solving the problems of the citizens on the spot.

The celebration of the Day of the Bulgarian Municipality became tradition with various initiatives throughout the country. On this day are organized sessions of Youth municipal councils, meetings with pupils and students, competitions, special editions and exhibitions, ceremonies for rewarding active citizens and municipal officials, honoring former mayors with contribution to the development of the municipality.

In many localities are organized "Open Days". Citizens have the opportunity to get information from municipal officials on questions of interest. They share their ideas for improving the life and future development of the municipalities.

Another popular initiative is addressing pupils. On this day selected from the educational institutions young people take the post of the mayor, his/her deputy, directors of directorates and experts. In a few hours, they take over the management of the municipality and face the tense and responsible daily life of the municipal servants.

On October 12 in Svishtov, town situated on the Danube River, pupils from the five secondary schools in the city were part of the initiative "Open Doors Day in the Municipality of Svishtov". At the invitation of the municipal management, they occupied 25 posts in the municipal administration and took over the management of the municipality for an hour.


In the municipality of Elena, the students took over the management of the municipality and made their demands to the management. In a conversation with the mayor of the municipality, the students' team asked to mark the pedestrian paths, to have a tennis table at the Community center and a volleyball net at the city stadium, and more sporting events to be organized by the municipality. The Mayor reported that the request from last year's school management was fulfilled and the municipality has asphalted the street near the school.

In Vidin on 12th of  October all ordinary services were provided as express- at the moment or within the working day. The Mayor organized an open lesson with high school students in the municipality. The young people get acquainted with the history of the municipality and the responsibilities of the local authorities, raised questions related to the development of the economy, the transport infrastructure, education, tourism and the preservation of the cultural and historical heritage, the implementation of the important projects, the use of the sports facilities, the homeless dogs and more.


Photo: Young mayor speaking.


For the third year, Kozloduy municipality opened its doors and welcomed 248 visitors -ten groups from schools and kindergartens, representatives of pensioners clubs, banks, institutions and citizens. 

‘Did you cry while you went to kindergarten?’, What do you do as a mayor?’,  ‘When will you come to our kindergarten?’, asked the youngest guests. The First grader told the Mayor that for the next Child's Day he wanted a playground in front of each block. 
For the students in the upper classes, a role-playing game was organized in which they acted as municipal councilors, debated and voted proposals on specific topics. 


Photo: 12th of October in Kozloduy.


The Municipality of Dobrich celebrated 12th of  October with laying flowers on the bas-relief of the first mayor of the town after the Liberation. He took over the administration of the municipality only 29 years old and was among the delegates of the Constituent Assembly, which adopted the Turnovo Constitution in 1879.

For the 22nd  time on the Day of the Bulgarian Municipality, the Youth Municipal Council in Stara Zagora took an oath to work for its fellow citizens and to improve the everyday life of young people. 


Photo: Young oath in Stara Zagora.